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DWL-G650 AirPlus XtremeG™ 108Mbps PCMCIA Adapter
Discontinued Product (as of 18/01/2011)

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The D-Link DWL-G650 Wireless Notebook Adapter is a robust and powerful 802.11g wireless adapter for your notebook. The DWL-G650 features WPA, 108Mbps, 128-bit WEP, 802.11b compatibility, and more.


  • Compatible with Windows 7 32bit
  • Up to 108Mbps*
  • Works with 802.11b Devices
  • Great for Video Streaming
  • 802.11g, 802.11b Compatible
  • Increased Security with 802.1X and WPA

Please select your revision of the DWL-G650

There are multiple revisions of the DWL-G650, each with revision specific drivers, firmware, installation guides, and other resources.

Please read the FAQ below to determine which revision you own.

QHow do I determine the hardware revision of my product?Read


The Tech Zone
D-Link Xtreme G DWL-G650 CardBus Adapter Wins The Tech Zone Editor's Choice Award Scoring 9/10 in an Excellent Review!
"We were able to travel almost 200 feet away from the wireless router before we lost the signal... This is the fastest CardBus we have ever tested."
The Tech Zone

Hardware Extreme
D-Link Xtreme G Wins an Editor's Choice Award and a 5 Stars Award in an Excellent Hardware Extreme Review!
"The D-Link Xtreme G product line is highly recommended for setting up a SOHO wireless network."
Hardware Extreme

Next Gen Electronics
D-Link Wins a "Slam-Dunk Editor's Choice Award" from NextGen Electronics for Xtreme G 108Mbps!
"The D-Link AirPlus XtremeG networking line is easily the fastest, most stable, and reliable line of wireless products we've ever seen."
Next Gen Electronics