DCNP (D-Link Certified Network Professional)


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D-Link Certified Network Professional (DCNP)
Training for Engineers/Professionals (Advanced)

This item is for one workshop course only. Please put the number of module(s) that you would like to attend in the shopping basket.

The DCNP workshops are more technically detailed comprising of 4 modules, i.e. Switching, Wireless, Security and IP Surveillance.

Each workshop provides the students with in-depth information on product technologies and features. Each DCNP workshop incorporates real-life scenarios and configuration examples with several of hands-on activities.

These workshops are ideal for Pre-Sales Engineers/Consultants who need to understand, recommend, configure, install and support D-Link products.

Each course involves attending a full (1) day, in-class workshop and you will also be required to complete and pass an online exam.

Delegates are required to bring a laptop (preferably with LAN & Serial ports) to the workshop.

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Steps to Book Your Training

1. Firstly, you need to buy a Registration Coupon Code for each course you’d like to attend.

- For the Switching, Security, Wireless and IP Surveillance Workshops, you need to buy the

DCNP Workshop Registration Coupon Code. Go to www.dlink.com.au/dcnp

- To buy the DNDA Online Training Registration Coupon Code, go to www.dlink.com.au/dnda

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For further assistance or for more information, please email training@dlink.com.au

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