6-Port 2.5G Gaming & Media Switch


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Why You Want It

Turbo Mode

Activate Turbo Mode whenever you're ready for optimised performance

Plug and Play

Ready to perform right out of the box with no configuration required

Multi-Coloured LED

Multi-Coloured LED light conveniently indicates Turbo Mode status

Silent Operation

Fanless design enhances reliability and is suitable for noise-free working environments

Metal Casing

Rugged aluminium
alloy matte grey casing


Includes a 10G Uplink
& 5 Multi-Gigabit ports for
high data rate transmission

Power Efficiency

Designed for
low power consumption

QoS Management

Quality of Service
for uninterrupted connections



Ultra-Fast 10-Gigabit Connection for Home or Office Applications

The DMS-106XT Multi-Gig Switch features a 10-Gigabit port enabling
high-bandwidth network uplinks to support devices such as a
Network-Attached Storage (NAS) or a Home Media Server.
All of which makes the DMS-106XT an ideal core Switch
for a modern high-speed home networking setup.




2.5-Gigabit Ports Ready for Wi-Fi 6 Connectivity

With five 2.5-Gigabit ports to connect all your high-speed devices, such as a Wi-Fi 6 Router, Access Points, or your Gaming PC, the DMS-106XT delivers unrestricted multi-Gigabit network access for your home or small business.

Learn More About Wi-Fi 6


Turbocharge Your Network for Optimised Performance

The DMS-106XT also supports Turbo Mode, which provides up to 40% more speeds, and enables port-based QOS allowing you to set the priority for which devices get even more throughput when your home network is carrying lots of data-intensive traffic.
Perfect for uninterrupted online entertainment every time.


Designed for Advanced Home or Small Office Networks

Fast enough to handle your large multimedia file transfers to and from the storage server with the 10G (that's 10-Gigabit) port, and versatile enough to keep your Wi-Fi 6 Router and AP communications unrestricted with 5 multi-Gigabit (2.5Gbps) ports. As well as having a sleek aluminium alloy design, the multi-coloured LED light bar makes the DMS-106XT a great addition to any modern space.



Perfect For

Multimedia Design



4K and 8K Streaming



Multiplayer Gaming



  • 5 x 2.5Gbps Ethernet Ports for high-speed connections such as to your Router or gaming PC
  • 1 x 10Gbps Ethernet port for uplink to a high-speed Server or NAS connection
  • Smart Turbo Mode delivers Quality of Service (QoS) and port-based priority for uninterrupted online gaming and 4K streaming
  • Power efficient design aids in lower power consumption
  • LED conveniently indicates port speed status
  • Durable matte grey aluminium alloy casing
  • Fanless operation for enhanced reliability and silent performance

Design :Metal|Fanless
PoE Type Required :None
Number of Ports :5 - 8
Port Type :Gigabit
Compact Design for Home and Office Use :Yes
Dimensions (Size) :217 x 163 x 33 mm
Fanless Design for Silent Operation :Yes
LAN Ports :6
Power Supply :External Adapter
Quick, Simple Plug-and-Play Installation :Yes
Warranty :3-Year Limited Warranty
Ethernet Speed :Gigabit
Housing :Metal

"Overall performance, the superb aesthetic, especially the TURBO mode and its simplified QoS setup resulting from said mode make this a standout unit and very much worth the purchase price."

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“This D-Link DMS-106XT Switch review has proved that the product is truly exceptional, offering outstanding performance and true plug-and-play connectivity.”

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"To add the cherry on top, this switch has a little slider-switch on the back to enable Turbo Mode, which kicks in a higher grade of Quality-of-Service routine that prioritises data across the ports."

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"One of the biggest highlights of the D-Link DMS-106XT is that the five ‘regular’ ports run at 2.5Gbps – 2.5x faster than most hubs can manage at their best, and the sixth port is at 10Gbps."

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"In all our tests and regular usage, it’s provided trouble-free, reliable, silent, and high-speed network connectivity. DMS-106TX makes a great option for media, file sharing, and gaming."

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"DMS-106XT 6-Port 2.5G Gaming and Media Switch is a well-designed product that boasts an easy setup process, including delivering exceptional network performance".

More details

"The DMS-106XT is one of the most battle-ready feeling devices I've encountered from the D-Link stable, extremely solid and exquisitely finished off in its unusual metal housing."

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"If money is not the object, you would replace all your dumb Ethernet hubs with these 2.5Gbps full-duplex switches and have a blazingly fast internal cabled home or small office network."

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"...a network switch for higher speed connections, a metal housing that offers both heat dissipation capacity and texture is used, and the light from the slits in the front bottom provides an accent."

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"With its innovative power-saving technology, the DMS-106XT Multi Gigabit Unmanaged Switch is energy-efficient and impresses with its distinctive aesthetics."

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