The Whole Home Wi-Fi Advantage

Say goodbye to Wi-Fi deadzones, buffering and multiple networks in your home.
Our Whole Home Wi-Fi Ready products are a seamless solution that gets rid of dead spots and blankets your home in high-power Wi-Fi.

Every home is different,
D-Link has you covered with Whole Home Wi-Fi

The D-Link Whole Home Wi-Fi products are a future proof solution.

If you need more coverage you can add extra Whole Home Wi-Fi Extenders to your network.

The D-Link Whole Home Wi-Fi Difference


Other Wi-Fi Solutions use two to three weak Access Points to disperse Wi-Fi throughout the home. The D-Link Whole Home Wi-Fi Solution uses a High-Power Wi-Fi Router at its core to handle the bulk of your Wi-Fi activity, creating a PowerZone of blazing fast Wi-Fi speeds, while the Wi-Fi Extenders take care of the outer edge.

*Up to 2x faster speeds when connected to the  AC2600 Wi-Fi Router compared to the other Wi-Fi systems that use AC1200.


One Wi-Fi network name (SSID) throughout your whole home


Unlike a traditional Router plus Range Extender solution, Whole Home Wi-Fi Ready products use advanced technology to build a MESH network in your home. As you move through your home you seamlessly connect to the strongest signal, eliminating the need to disconnect and reconnect.


Why you want it



High-performance AC Wi-Fi technology provides stronger and faster Wi-Fi for 4K streaming and gaming on multiple devices.

More Coverage

Provides reliable high-power Wi-Fi for
seamless coverage.


One Wi-Fi Name

Automatically connect to the strongest signal as you move through your home.

The Whole Home Wi-Fi 
Routers & Extenders
simply work together


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