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D-Link A/NZ enhances pay-by-the-month Nuclias Cloud Ecosystem for MSPs with new High-Value Partnerships

Builds partner network and expands Nuclias functionality with third-party integrations



SYDNEY, 24 November 2020D-Link A/NZ has enhanced Nuclias Cloud, its unique, no lock-in contract, pay-by-the-month Cloud-managed networking solution developed specifically for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).


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“As D-Link’s flagship solution, long-term enhancements to Nuclias are essential to help businesses take full control of their digital transformation. Working with new and dynamic organisations ensures we can react quickly to market needs.” declared John Lee, Chairman,

D-Link. “We’re happy to announce integrations with a number of selected Partners that enhance the value proposition of our platform for all business users. With solutions and tools addressing the requirements for Guest Wi-Fi and Hospitality needs, these partnerships provide opportunities for MSP’s to easily integrate larger chains of business into the Nuclias Cloud solution.”


Maintain networks on the cloudThe new partnerships and integrations start with Purple, Stampede and Fydelia.


Purple allows Nuclias’ customers to use an Internet connection wirelessly and for no monetary fee. In order to access the wireless connection, users must sign-in via their chosen social network website such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or by completing a form. In doing so, businesses can capture details of their customers and with their permission, promote products and services to all their online friends. 


By connecting Nuclias with the Stampede Smart Guest Wi-Fi solution, D-Link is able to add more value to Nuclias’ users by enabling even better communication with their customers so they can reach the right people at the right time to further grow their business.


Integrating Nuclias with the Fydelia external captive portal helps venues to start a conversation with customers and collect valuable user data. Through lead generation and loyalty, Fydelia simply and easily directs visitors into any marketing channel.


D-Link plans to further expand and augment the functionality of Nuclias Cloud by building a complete ecosystem around its Nuclias Cloud platform. Partnering with innovative companies capable of providing the latest technologies and customer requirements will serve only to broaden the appeal of the Nuclias solution.


Other enhancements to the Nuclias cloud platform include:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) brings the Nuclias Cloud and Nuclias Connect platforms together by providing a single portal for Cloud and non-Cloud customers to manage their networks. Nuclias Connect customers can easily connect to their on-premise network without complicated network configuration and without charge.
  • The Integrated Captive Portal gets enhanced Social login capabilities with the integration of Twitter and Weibo authentication. Guest access is further enhanced with SMS Integration using Twillio to provide One Time Password (OTP) capabilities and optimise Guest Wi-Fi experience.
  • New External Captive Portal (ECP) configuration that hospitality and retail stores may leverage to retain customer loyalty and redirect to a dedicated Captive Portal for discount vouchers, user authentication and user management.
  • By obtaining TRUSTe Privacy certification, D-Link also demonstrates its compliance with all recognised laws and regulatory standards. 


A significant number of MSPs have already chosen to use and resell the Nuclias Cloud Management solution in Australia due to its flexibility, ease of scalability and simple, but compelling, resale benefits.




Key benefits of Nuclias Cloud for MSPs:

  • Regular revenue stream: Nuclias Cloud is a service platform that allows MSPs to bill their customers in the fashion that they prefer whether upfront, monthly, annually, or whichever combination they prefer. MSPs are charged monthly for usage in arrears only, versus competitors’ long-term contracts, freeing up cashflow that can otherwise be put to good use.
  • Month-to-month pricing: No lock-in contracts, and easy to manage cashflow forecasts
  • Lower overheads: Easy to install, Nuclias Cloud can easily be managed remotely online
  • Elevate your offering: Nuclias Cloud proactively enables you to offer a better service
  • Reliability and reputation: Nuclias Cloud offers high-performance access points and cloud-managed switches which are managed by a centralised cloud-based control system, deployed on over 50,000 cloud-managed customer networks around the world
  • Fewer cost variables and competitively priced: Nuclias Cloud has no long-term costs, no hidden extras, and no additional license fees which makes for predictable cost management
  • Easy to implement, maintain and grow: Easy for the customer or the MSP to grow and expand with linear fixed costs.


Nuclias Cloud is available to MSPs on a month-to-month basis with no lock-in contract, unlike most other solutions in this space.


For more information go to www.dlink.com.au/nuclias, www.dlink.co.nz/nuclias or contact the

D-Link Business Solutions team at nuclias@dlink.com.au


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The enhanced Nuclias Cloud Managed Networking Platform designed for Managed Service Providers

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