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D-Link 5G and LTE M2M VPN Solutions

Designed for remote Machine-to-Machine (M2M) mobility and secure VPN deployments, D-Link 5G and LTE M2M Routers feature business-grade capabilities you can unlock anytime, anywhere with high-performance 3G/4G/5G connectivity.


Multi-SIM Design*
Zero downtime with Multi-SIM failover design

Secure VPN Connection
Integrated VPN Client & Server support, VPN Connectivity

Industrial Grade Design
Zinc-Plated Steel Casing with extra protection & durability

Wi-Fi Connectivity
Wi-Fi Connection supports multiple wireless clients

GPS Tracking*
GPS location tracking
for fleet management

Remote Management
Network Management
Platform for massive IoT

Outdoor WAN

Providing Internet
connection for outdoor

High Reliability
of Network

Stable WAN broadband
access with failover


Uninterrupted Connectivity

with Auto-Fallback / Failover functionality

Most companies have a need for high availability since network downtime is more costly than ever. Conventional networking CPE no longer provide the functionality required to handle fast-moving industries. With that in mind, D-Link have developed business-grade M2M LTE Routers with critical communication features that emphasise the importance of superior performance, service reliability and secure connectivity. Customised for a broad range of vertical applications, ranging from logistics management, smart bus, public safety, to POS kiosks and ATM’s. D-Link M2M Solutions aim to protect business assets and provide service consistency.

Industrial / M2M / IoT

Integrated LTE Technology, Multi-SIM or Dual WAN ports, WAN failover, RS-232/RS-485 interfaces, and Modbus, as well as support for VPN to ensure data transmission security. Applications include industrial control, real-time monitoring, data collection, maintenance, and other vertical applications to improve communication efficiency

Energy - Oil / Gas

Optimising Automation



Includes Dual LTE interfaces, Wi-Fi hotspots, GPS and vibration-resistant design that enables high-speed LTE network connections in moving vehicles. Network surveillance cameras and other related devices can also be integrated to provide real-time bi-directional video and audio transmissions, as well as access functions.

Smart Bus
Public Safety
Logistic Management


Financial / ATM / Retail / Kiosk

Provides optimal network communication solutions for electronic transactions in retail stores, chain stores, POS systems, ATMs, multi-purpose kiosks and vending machines. Auto-fallback / failover ensures uninterrupted network connectivity while IPSec encryption guarantees data security and high-speed data encryption.

Retail / Chain Stores

Finance Kiosk / ATM


Communication & Enterprise Applications

Scenario - Automatically LTE / WAN Failover

Failure of Primary Wireline Network automatically fails over to Backup Wireless Network

Everything You Need, Now in D-ECS

D-ECS - D-Link Edge Cloud Solution is a centralised Cloud-Based Device Management Solution for M2M and IoT deployment. D-ECS allows device owners to quickly and easily Setup, Configure, Monitor, Troubleshoot, and Manage a network deployment and multiple sites deployment remotely through a web portal.

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4G LTE Dual SIM M2M VPN Router


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4G LTE Cat 6 Dual SIM M2M VPN Router
with EWAN and GPS


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5G NR M2M Dual SIM Industrial Gateway


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