AC1200 Seamless Wi-Fi System


This product is not available for purchase and has been discontinued.

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Experience the future of Seamless Wi‑Fi

Introducing COVR-C1203, the mesh solution that blankets your entire home in stable, consistent, and truly seamless Wi-Fi.
With a pack of three Covr Points, you can bring Wi-Fi access to up to 465 square metres, enough coverage for a wide variety of housing sizes and configurations.

Full WiFi Coverage

Blanket coverage

Move around your home and stay seamlessly connected.

 Combined Gigabit speeds

Combined Gigabit speeds

Smart Steering directs your devices so your Wi-Fi is always at the top of its game at combined wireless speeds of up to 1.2Gbps.

Simple setup

Simple setup

Pre-paired and ready out of the box with a 3-step app setup.

Parental controls

Parental controls

Create schedules, block devices, see who's on the network.

Upgrade your home Wi-Fi

Upgrade your home Wi-Fi

Bring your best Wi-Fi speeds and a full strength signal to every corner of your smart home.

2-Year D-Link Warranty

2+1 Year Warranty

You're fully protected with three years of warranty support when you register your product. More details here.

Simple. Yet Flexible.

The Covr Seamless Wi-Fi System comes pre-paired and works straight out of the box, so you just need to plug in the Covr Points and get started.

The best part? It's flexible enough to cover most housing types. From single-storey apartments to multi-storey houses, and front yards to back decks, Covr's got you covered.


No crowds

Experience a full strength signal everywhere in your home. Covr's built-in Smart Steering technology steers you away from buffering and lag by automatically directing your device to the optimum wireless band. No more frustrating dropouts, lags, or interruptions in your wireless connections.

Covr also uses MU-MIMO technology which efficiently handles traffic to multiple devices for even greater wireless speeds.

Free Yourself with Smart Roaming

Don’t let endless disconnecting and reconnecting to different networks cripple your Wi-Fi experience.



Bye‑bye, buffering!

Discover the energised power of combined dual-band speeds of up to 1.2Gbps. Enjoy voice and video calls with your friends without cut outs,
stream 4k movies and boxsets in any family bedroom without any buffering or signal dropouts, download files while you livestream your latest gaming adventure, and share beautiful photos from anywhere in your home.

No buffering

Enhanced User Experience

The D-Link Wi-Fi app provides a quick and simple way to set up your Covr Seamless Wi-Fi System and perform basic management without even touching a computer!

D-Link Wi-Fi

  • Quick and Simple Setup

    Download the app and set up your unit in a
    matter of minutes.

  • Create Schedules

    With just a few taps you can create and manage schedules for internet access.


  • Stays New, Gets Better

    Receive new firmware notifications and download
    updates through the app.

  • Wi-Fi in the Palm of Your Hand

    Manage your entire Wi-Fi network from a simple,
    intuitive app. See which devices are connected
    and the speeds you're clocking.

Parental Controls

You're the boss

Whether you need to get everyone around the table for a meal, it's time for homework, or you need a break from the screens, Covr comes with parental controls on the D-Link Wi-Fi mobile app so that you’re always in charge.

For your peace of mind, you can find out what devices are connected to Covr, schedule when devices can be used, create a guest login for when you have visitors, and block any devices you don’t know.


Modern Design

Covr’s soft-edged, small and discreet design features a soft white backlight indicator to show you’re connected while blending beautifully with your home. No protruding antennas. No flashing lights all over the place.

 Modern Design
WPS button

WPS Button

Pair with smart home devices, Wi-Fi printers, and cameras using the handy one-touch
WPS button.

USB C Power

USB-C Connector

Plug in the standard USB-C connectors into the back of the Covr Points to bring Covr to life.

Ethernet Port

Ethernet Port

With two Ethernet ports behind each Covr Point, you can free up wireless bandwidth by choosing Gigabit wired Ethernet connections for your gaming consoles, network-attached storage, and smart TVs.

DLink COVRC1203

Garden Friendly


Covr is perfect to bring the Internet with you into your garden or for gatherings during a barbecue in the summer.


  • Ultimate Wi-Fi Performance: Stream HD multimedia across your home without interruption
  • Simultaneous Dual-Band: Deliver faster Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1,200 Mbps
  • Smart Steering: Automatically directs your devices to the optimal wireless band
  • MU-MIMO: Simultaneous streaming on multiple devices
  • Smart Roaming: Seamlessly connects you to the strongest signal as you move
  • Gigabit Ethernet: For fast wired connections
  • Intuitive Setup: Configure your network using the D-Link Wi-Fi mobile app or easy to use web interface

NBN/UFB Support :FTTP / FTTC/ HFC / Satellite / Fixed Wireless
Wireless Technology :AC1200 (300+867Mbps)
Wave 2 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi :Yes
Wireless Bands :Dual Band
Mesh :COVR Series
WAN Interface :Gigabit Ethernet
Ethernet Speed :Gigabit Ethernet
LAN Port(s) :2
Guest Network :Yes
Parental Controls :Yes
Warranty :3-Year Limited Warranty
Dimensions (Size) :111 x 109 x 51 mm

"If you’re looking for an affordable solution to fix Wi-Fi dead spots that receive no signal in your home, D-Link’s the product for you."

More details

"It’s a mesh network product which means your 4K UHD content from the likes of Netflix will be delivered faster than older models Wi Fi systems."

More details

"Speeds I tested were top notch, giving me 90-95% of my actual modem speed at the furthest reaches of my home."

More details

"The Google nodes' appearance may appeal to some but the D-Link is significantly faster. As such, it's our choice for adding mesh Wi-Fi to your home"

More details

"Compared to other MIMO offerings this is an excellent investment especially as some competitors are over $100 more expensive. 4.5/5!"

More details

"Offered faster internet both at the router source and in areas of worst reception"

More details

"It offers fast, consistent wireless coverage throughout the house."

More details

"Fast, consistent wireless coverage throughout the house. The user-interface has plenty of customisation features for more technically astute users, whilst still being easy for novices to set up."

More details

"It breathes life to the dead corners of your home or office, spots where connectivity seems to be in the oblivion and it does this seamlessly."

More details

"We’d definitely recommend the D-Link COVR C1203 if you’re keen on finding a reliable and effective router that won’t burn your budget."

More details

"The nodes look good and performance will meet the needs of most home and small office users."

More details

"...well designed and performs well. Just find a powerpoint in the room you want to extend internet to and you’re COVR device will connect to the next closest device and deliver the..."

More details

"Covr was providing a stronger signal pretty much all over the house"

More details

"I can only attest to my long, thin terrace house, but the claims certainly seemed to be accurate."

More details

"Ideal for homes which require seamless Wi-Fi in all its areas. It is easy to set up & manage and has the capability of providing seamless connectivity...

More details


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