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Powerful Wi-Fi Throughout Your Home

The DAP-1610 is a portable plug-in wireless Extender that lets you extend an existing wireless network and rid your home of pesky Wi-Fi dead zones once and for all.





Why You Want It

AC2000 Speeds
Dual-Band AC1200

High-speed Wi-Fi for all your
browsing, streaming and
gaming needs.

Single strength indicator
Mesh Network & Smart Roaming

Create a single whole-home Mesh Network that auto-connects mobile devices to the strongest Wi-Fi signal1.

Single strength indicator
Smart Connect Technology

Automatically assigns each device
to the best wireless band for
optimal performance.

Single strength indicator
Universal Compatibility

Quickly and easily extend your
existing Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi  Router
D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh

Works seamlessly with other
D-Link Wi-Fi 5 Mesh devices2.

Wi-Fi Mesh

Can be used as a wired Access Point or wireless Range Extender.

Single strength indicator
Gigabit Port

Gigabit port lets you connect a wired device to your wireless network.

Test Internet Speed
WPA3 Encryption

The latest Wi-Fi security to help
protect your network and devices.

High-Speed Dual-Band
Wi-Fi 5 Everywhere

Dual-band 11ac wireless with speeds of up to 1200Mbps,
that’s 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 900Mbps on the 5GHz band, ensuring a fast and stable Wi-Fi experience for all of your connected devices.


Less Interference, Backwards Compatible

The DAP-1610’s dual-band technology helps reduce interference from nearby wireless transmitters, and also provides backwards compatibility with older connected devices that run on previous Wi-Fi standards. What’s more – you can use its Gigabit Ethernet port and your home’s existing wired Ethernet cabling to extend wireless coverage without having to worry about signal strength.

Flexible Mesh Choices for Your Home Network

Pair the DAP-1610 with a compatible D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh Router to create a seamless whole-home Mesh Network built on industry-standard Mesh technology that cleverly shares the same name as your existing network and allows you to enjoy a seamless connection throughout your entire home

Meanwhile, Mesh Smart Roaming allows your devices to intelligently switch to a stronger Wi-Fi signal as you move around the house. Pair with other Routers or Extenders which support the 802.11k/v standard to enjoy Mesh Smart Roaming throughout your home at all times.




D-Link One-Touch Setup

Setup is as easy as the push of a button, the WPS button to be exact. Follow these three simple steps and you’re good-to-go.
Alternatively, you can set up just as easily with the free D-Link Wi-Fi app.

Press the WPS button on your Router



LED Signal Strength Indicator

The DAP-1610’s signal strength indicator allows you to identify where the strongest and weakest Wi-Fi signal spots are around your home, helping you find the best possible location to place the Extender for optimal network performance.

Simple Setup and

Set up easily with D-Link One-Touch or download the free
D-Link Wi-Fi app and you can not only set up in seconds but also manage the DAP-1610 directly from your smartphone or tablet. It’s that easy.




1 Smart Mesh Roaming requires that the client device supports the 802.11k/v standard.
Creating a D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh network requires that this Range Extender be used with a compatible Router that supports D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh.

  • High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity for all your devices
  • Dual-band with combined speeds up to AC1200 Wi-Fi throughout your home
  • Supports D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh and Mesh Smart Roaming
  • Supports WPA3™ wireless encryption 
  • Gigabit Ethernet port for access point mode or to connect a wired device to your network
  • IPv6 ready, meeting the demands for the next generation of Internet
  • Foldable antennas for maximum wireless coverage and reliability
  • Sleek and discreet wall-plug design blends well into any home environment

Wi-Fi Technology :Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
Wi-Fi Speed :AC1200 (300+867Mbps)
Wireless Bands :Dual Band
Mesh Standard :D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh
LAN Interface :1 x Gigabit
Ethernet Speed :Gigabit Ethernet
Ethernet Ports :1
Operating Mode :Range Extender|Access Point
Signal Strength LEDs :Yes
Range Extender Housing :Wall Plug
Warranty :3-Year Limited Warranty

"If you find yourself cursing the signal drop-out in parts of your property, this is a very affordable solution."

More details

"Easy solution to the problem of trying to punch a strong and coherent WiFi signal through the walls of a well-grounded metal-clad building because I am not able to run a cable between them."

More details

"The whole experience is seamless, using the D-Link smartphone app and provides great improvements to those pesky areas that suffer from bad network reception."

More details

"As a Mesh extender, the DAP-1610, when paired with other Mesh devices, creates a seamless extension to your network. It uses the same SSID and passwords as your router. Simple as that."

More details

"With the DAP-1610, Wi-Fi blackspots as a thing of the past, allowing you to roam your house without losing your network connection."

More details

"AC1200 Mesh Wi-Fi Range Extender is an easy-to-use and discreet way to wirelessly extend your Wi-Fi network."

More details

"This is an easy and affordable solution to those dead spots in your home, and a lot cheaper than upgrading your modem, too."

More details

"If you struggle to get Wi-Fi in areas of your business, this will be a game-changer."

More details

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