EXO AC3000 Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Router


  • Luxuriate in lag-free, buffer-slaying video streaming and online gaming – Crazy-fast combined Wi-Fi speeds of up to 400Mbps (2.4Hz) + 866Mbps (5GHz) + 1733Mbps (5GHz)
  • Keep malicious threats at bay and safeguard online privacy – Built-in powerful McAfee protection for every device on your network
  • Works with the Google Assistant and Alexa – Give your smart home Wi-Fi a new voice
  • Monitor your kids’ Internet activity – Comprehensive parental controls
  • Advanced Wi-Fi Mesh – Create a seamless mesh network by adding DAP-1820 Wi-Fi extenders.
  • Easily handles everything you throw at it with high-power 880MHz dual-core processor
  • Test Internet speed – See how your Router-to-ISP connection measures up
  • Free D-Link Wi-Fi app – Set up and manage your network from your smartphone.
This product is not available for purchase and has been discontinued.

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Why You Want It

Wireless AC Wave 2

Combined speeds of up to 3000Mbps1.



Provides high-speed Wi-Fi to a larger number of devices at the same time using the best Wi-Fi band.

Parental Controls

Block inappropriate content, create custom profiles, pause the Internet, set schedules and more.
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McAfee Protected

Includes McAfee’s Secure Home Platform™ for 5-years and McAfee LiveSafe™ for 2-years, allowing you to protect every connected device, and install antivirus software onto unlimited devices.


Dual-Core Processor

Fast processing power for every network task.


WiFi Mesh-Ready

Create a seamless mesh network by adding
DAP-1820 Wi-Fi Extenders.


Voice Control

Take control of your network using voice commands for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


Built in Speedtest™

Find out your true Internet speed using the industry-leading platform, straight from your Router.




Built to Be Faster. Built to Defend.


Enjoy faster wireless speeds with the latest Wave 2 technology, and keep your smart home safe with award‑winning McAfee protection for all your devices built right into the Router. With three wireless bands and increased processing power, MU‑MIMO efficiency, customisable parental controls, and voice assistant compatibility, it can handle smart homes with lots of wireless devices.


Award‑Winning Smart Home Protection.

With built-in powerful McAfee security, you get comprehensive, automatic protection for every device on your home network and antivirus software for unlimited devices, worth £179.98/€179.90*. Go online without putting your privacy and your smart home security on the line.


5-Year McAfee Secure Home Platform™ Subscription

Protect each and every connected home device and safeguard your family’s online privacy through the Router.


2-Year McAfee LiveSafe™ Subscription

Protect unlimited devices even when you’re away from home with the award-winning McAfee LiveSafe™ Antivirus software. It blocks viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware and unwanted programs, and includes multi-device protection to deter security threats on all your mobile devices.

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Family Friendly Controls

You’re in Charge.


Create family-friendly Internet by taking control of your network. Set clear online boundaries and schedules so you have less complaining and more control.

Block Age-Inappropriate Content
Age-based profiles allow you to control what your kids can access online.
Customised Profiles
Create content filters, device access controls, and personalised time limits.
Set Internet Schedules
Set limits for family time, study time, or household chores with pre-defined
no-Wi-Fi times.
Access Upon Request
Let your kids request access to blocked sites, giving you total but flexible
control over their web browsing.
Pause / Allow Internet
Allows you to pause and allow the Internet on each user profile.
Whitelist and Blacklist
Allow or block access to specific website addresses.

“Hey… What's the status of my network?”

A Smart Home requires a smart Router at its core. Give your Router voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant, receive instant audio alerts about network updates, check on the security status of any device, and more.

With full compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices, you can easily know everything about your network even without having to connect to your Router.

What's the status of my network


A Stronger, Seamless Connection. Everywhere.

Bring Wi‑Fi to signal dead zones, say bye‑bye to buffering, and stay connected as you move from room to room with seamless mesh Wi‑Fi.

A Stronger, Seamless Connection. Everywhere.


Full Mesh Wi‑Fi coverage.

D‑Link’s Wi‑Fi Mesh allows you to easily increase your home Wi‑Fi coverage. Simply add DAP‑1820 Mesh Wi‑Fi extenders around your home
to create one seamless and reliable Wi‑Fi network that allows you to move around your home without any glitches.

Full Mesh Wi‑Fi coverage
Full Mesh Wi‑Fi coverage

Three Bands for More Devices.

The DIR-3060 uses one 2.4GHz and two 5GHz wireless bands at the same time providing concurrent tri-band technology and MU-MIMO, to efficiently deliver the best wireless band and fast speeds to a higher number of mobile and smart devices.

Full Mesh Wi‑Fi coverage


High‑Speed Wave 2 Wi‑Fi.


With its 3 bands and the latest Wave 2 Wireless AC technology, the DIR‑3060 delivers up to 3000Mbps1. That’s x5 the speeds of the previous Wireless N generation, and enough wireless bandwidth to handle games and multiple 4K streams at once.




Gigabit Wired Ports for x10 Data Transfer Speeds.


With four Gigabit LAN ports, speeds for your wired devices can be up to 10x faster than standard Fast Ethernet connections.
The EXO DIR‑3060 has the smarts and faster speeds to handle being the brain of your smart home.




Get the most out of your home network.

Share photos, videos, and music on your home Wi-Fi. Connect devices like printers to the USB 2.0 port at the back of the Router, and utilise the superspeeds of the USB 3.0 port on the front to access USB Storage, cameras, or other higher-bandwidth devices.

What's the status of my network



What's the status of my network

Add a device without the hassle.

Connect Wi-Fi devices by simply pressing the secure WPS button on the device and on the router, for a set up that takes seconds.




Quality of Service (QoS) controls for smooth connectivity.

Set priorities for devices to keep your games lag‑free, video streams without any buffering, and downloads in seconds rather than minutes. Set different priority levels to allow you to decide which devices are most important to you. Discover the true speed of your Internet connection with a built‑in Speedtest™ straight from the Router.


What's the status of my network

Lag‑free gaming

Prioritise traffic for gaming devices so your Wi-Fi doesn’t let you down when you need it most.

Better video chats

Better video chats

Be there for your friends and family in even greater detail.

High‑quality video streams

High‑quality video streams

Prioritise traffic for gaming devices so your Wi-Fi doesn’t let you down when you need it most.

Set bandwidth priority

Set bandwidth priority

Set three priority levels for devices to optimise your bandwidth.


1 Maximum wireless signal rate derived from IEEE Standard 802.11ac and 802.11n specifications. Actual data throughput will vary. Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, building materials and construction, and network overhead, may lower actual data throughput rate. Environmental factors may adversely affect wireless signal range.

  • Concurrent Tri-Band: Delivers buffer-free fast Wi-Fi speeds of up to 3,000Mbps (400Mbps at 2.4GHz, 866Mbps at 5GHz and 1,733Mbps at 5GHz)
  • Ultimate Wi-Fi Performance:  Enjoy lag-free video streaming multimedia, online gaming, and other content-rich web surfing across your home without interruption
  • Dual Core Processor: Dual Core Processor that delivers a powerful and intelligent home gateway
  • SmartConnect: Automatically directs your devices to the optimal wireless band ensuring a faster and hassle-free connectivity
  • MU-MIMO: Simultaneous streaming on multiple devices to increase speed and efficiency
  • Gigabit Ethernet: Provides fast wired connectivity with one dedicated Gigabit WAN for NBN/ UFB connectivity and 4 Gigabit LAN ports
  • 2 USB Ports: connect storage drives and printers for sharing
  • D-Fend Security powered by McAfee: Keep your kids safe online with comprehensive parental controls
  • McAfee Secure Home Platform: End-to-end protection that automatically protects every device connected to your network

NBN/UFB Support :FTTP / FTTC/ HFC / Satellite / Fixed Wireless
Wi-Fi Technology :Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
Wi-Fi Speed :AC3000 (400+866+1733Mbps)
Wave 2 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi :Yes
Wireless Bands :Tri Band
Wi-Fi Security :Standard
Mesh Standard :D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh
WAN Interface :Gigabit Ethernet
Ethernet Speed :Gigabit Ethernet
Ethernet Ports :4
USB Ports :USB 2.0 x 1
Guest Network :Yes
Parental Controls :Schedule|McAfee Protection
Smart Home Compatible :Amazon Alexa|Google Assistant
Internet Protocols :IPv4|IPv6
VPN :QuickVPN Enabled
Firmware Upgrade :OTA Firmware Upgrade|Automatic Firmware Upgrade|Manual Fimware Upgrade
SpeedTest Powered :Yes
App Support :D-Link Wi-Fi|D-Link defend
Warranty :3-Year Limited Warranty
Dimensions (Size) :221.8 x 201.4 x 58.8 mm

"A powerful device and, with the added bonus of McAfee anti-virus and internet security protection, easy to recommend to advanced and novice users."

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"If you’re thinking I’m impressed with the DIR 3060, you’d be right. It’s fast, simple to set up and solves a lot of networking issues right out of the box."

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"We were highly impressed with the EXO AC3000 Router. Installation and setup were straightforward, and it delivered fast performance." 9/10

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"The D-Link DIR-3060 is quite the powerhouse, It offers fast, lag free WiFi and is packed full of features."

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"When we included the mesh range extenders in our setup, it performed even better" 9.5 STARS

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"Stable, consistent internet with reliable speeds and that’s what I expect from my routers, especially given how much content gets downloaded..."

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"Not only are these powerful routers offering strong coverage in their own right, once paired with the DAP-1820 Extender, you'll have..."

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