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Why You Want It

The mydlink Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug allows you to connect any home appliance to your home network and control it from your phone or tablet through the free mydlink™ app.


Built-in McAfee Protection Smart Home Compatible

Works with mydlink Smart Home devices1, Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant2.

Voice Control
Compact Design

Fits any socket without obstructing plugs in adjacent outlets3.

Voice Control On & Off Control from Anywhere

Turn your electronic device/appliance on and off from your phone.

Voice Control Automatic Scheduling

Turn on/off your electronic device/appliance based on time/date schedules.


Plug into your Smart Home

No more wondering if you left your curling iron on.

The mydlink Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug lets you see the power status of each socket and turn them off or on with a touch on your phone.

Set light switch schedules to make it look like you're home while away or on holiday. Get instant notifications and turn your lights and radio on when your mydlink security camera detects someone.

Compact Design

Our smallest Wi-Fi Smart Plug fits discreetly into any socket without obstructing other plugs in outlets next to it1.

Perfect for controlling your smart home appliances without drawing attention to itself.

Smarter than Regular Outlets

Switch on appliances instantly with one tap on your phone. The mydlink Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug helps your wallet and the environment by having devices switch off automatically when you step out the door.

Schedule your smart home gadgets to automatically get the housework done before you're home.


Supports the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa2

Easily integrates with Amazon Echo’s Alexa or the Google Assistant for convenient hands-free voice control.


Your Home, Your Rules

Create one-touch routines and recipes to automate your smart home. Never reach for those out-of-the-way sockets again. Control lights in a room.

Turn everything off when you sleep, and automatically set lights to turn on earlier during the darker winter months.


Your Home, Only Smarter

You deserve a smart home that makes every day extra special. It's easy with the new mydlink app.



1 Please visit for more information on mydlink products that support Smart Home functionality.
2 Alexa service and the Google Assistant may not be available in all regions.
3 Larger plugs or adapters may exclude some devices being plugged into the adjacent power socket.
  • Works with Your Wi-Fi - No additional hub required
  • Automatic Scheduling and Timers - Easily create on/off schedules for your devices
  • Voice Control - Works with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to turn on and off your device using just your voice. 
  • Easy Setup- Use mydlink app to connect it to your smart home network
  • Smart Automation with other mydlink devices - Set automation rules that interact with your other mydlink devices

Warranty :1-Year Limited Warranty
Dimensions (Size) :58 x 58 x 44/ 64 mm (including prongs)
mydlink enabled :Yes
Wireless Technology :N300 (300Mbps)
Passthrough Port :Yes
Wireless Bands :Single Band

"It felt good to be able to just tell the TV to turn off via voice commands. An excellent choice if you’re looking for a top-notch smart plug for your office...

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"Makes life easier for those times when you aren’t home and want something to be switched on for when you get back."

More details

"Great for those times when I'm heading home and I want my heater to be turned on ready for my room to be warmed"

More details

"The Smart Plugs are a piece of cake to use and really add to the autonomy of the house and the camera"

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"Adding smarts to dumb appliances isn’t all that hard after all and it’s all thanks to a plug." 9/10 STARS

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"Basically, if you ever had a switch you wish you didn't have to reach for, the DSP-W118 will take care of it for you."

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"Overall, I was greatly impressed, and have plans now to go wildly OTT by getting more of these and hooking up some more devices." 10 STARS!

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"Highly functional, it ties directly into your existing Wi-Fi network and has some of the best wireless stability of any of these smart plug devices." 8.8 STARS!

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"Control your appliances or devices from anywhere in the world, including automatic scheduling..." 5 STARS!

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