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High-Speed, Flexible Mobile Broadband

The G415 AX1500 4G Smart Router allows you to use your carrier’s SIM/UICC card to share your 3G/4G mobile network access through a dedicated Wi-Fi 6 network or any of the three Gigabit ports. With LTE CAT 4 support, you can download at up to 150Mbps, enabling you to stream in 4K definition,
make conference calls, and surf the web seamlessly even without a fixed broadband connection.




Stay Connected Even When Your Fixed Broadband Goes Down

In addition to 3G/4G wireless broadband support, the G415 also provides a built-in Gigabit Ethernet WAN port for fixed broadband connections. You can set either a Fixed or Mobile connection as the primary connection, and with Automatic Failover mode, one connection can be used to provide uninterrupted connectivity in the event that the other fails.



Wi-Fi 6 Performance
TWT Technology
Health Mode
Guest Connect
4G Speeds




Why Do You Need Wi-Fi 6?

Wall obstruction and interference from home appliances can weaken your Wi-Fi connectivity. Having many devices connected to your network can make the problem worse. Wi-Fi 6 technology was designed to help overcome these issues and will soon become a standard feature in all new end devices.
Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or replacement, Wi-Fi 6 is the best choice.

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The Wi-Fi 6 Difference

in Throughput

in Latency

Coverage Area

Connected Devices

Backwards Compatible

More Devices, Faster Wi-Fi,
Greater Coverage

Wi-Fi 6 features bi-directional MU-MIMO technology to handle more simultaneous users at faster data rates, and beamforming capability to greatly extend  the Wi-Fi coverage area.

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More Users at Once,
Lower Latency

Wi-Fi 6 offers OFDMA technology to serve more device connections
at once to significantly reduce network latency.

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Reliable Connections for Greater Coverage

Beamforming technology detects device locations to focus signals for reliable data transmissions at greater distances.

Highest Protection Level for Peace of Mind

User privacy is of utmost importance when connected to the Internet. WPA3 technology is aligned with CNSA standards and features 192-bit encryption to ensure your connections are safe and protected from unauthorised access.


Save Power on Mobile Devices

Target Wake Time (TWT) technology schedules connected devices to be awake or asleep during designated time periods. This not only saves device battery life, but also reduces network congestion.







Greater Protection with Main and Guest Wi-Fi Control

  • Turn on guest Wi-Fi to prevent visitors from accessing you local network, granting access only to the Internet
  • Set data speeds for guess Wi-Fi users to preserve Wi-Fi quality
  • Log-in credentials and QR codes for guest Wi-Fi access



No More Wi-Fi Congestion

Smart Connect technology automatically directs your device to the optimum wireless band.
No more frustrating drop outs, lag or interruptions in your wireless connections.




Always the Best Connection Possible

AI Wi-Fi Optimiser continuously scans the environment to keep you connected to the cleanest channel available.


Intelligent One-Touch Setup for Seamless Connections

  • Auto Mesh setup and detects the best channels within the network
  • Simple access management with one SSID for both Wi-Fi bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
  • Network self-healing when a weak connection is detected


Uninterrupted Video, Voice, and Gaming Enjoyment

When high network traffic is detected, AI-based QoS technology prioritises your important services such as 4K/ 8K video streaming to keep them running lag-free.
Services such as email or file transfers will be given lower priority to ensure network quality.




Keep Playtime Safe
and Healthy

AI parental control lets you designate online hours for little ones and restrict website access to keep their learning experience a safe and healthy one.

Health Mode

  • Schedule Wi-Fi transmission hours to reduce possible effects of electromagnetic radiation
  • Schedule Wi-Fi access hours to maintain a balanced family lifestyle
  • Turn off Wi-Fi entirely to conserve energy




Perfect For

Mobile Homes

Fast Internet on the go.

Remote Communities

Where fixed broadband isn't an option.

Pop-Up Retail

Helps enable smart POS services for retailers and Wi-Fi for customers.

For Everything Wi-Fi,
there’s the D-Link EAGLE PRO AI App.

The EAGLE PRO AI App brings you a personal AI Assistant to continuously monitor data usage and provide actionable recommendations and weekly reports. Managing your Wi-Fi has never been easier.

Expanding Your Wi-Fi is a Snap

Simply add E15 Wi-Fi Extenders to build a Smart Mesh network, giving you high-speed Internet coverage throughout your home of any size.

Works with Google Assistant and Alexa

Works with Google Assistant and Alexa

Easily integrates with Amazon Echo’s Alexa or the Google Assistant for convenient hands-free voice control.

*Please check availability in your region.




  • 4G LTE CAT4 Connectivity at up to 150Mbps
  • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11AX) Support up to 1500Mbps
  • LTE Bands: 1 / 3 / 7 / 8 / 20 / 28 / 38 / 40 / 41 (2100/ 1800/ 2600/ 900/ 800/ 700 / 2300 / 2500 MHz)
  • UMTS / HSDPA / HSUPA Bands: 1 / 8 (2100/ 900 MHz)
  • GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE: 3 / 8 (1800/ 900 MHz)
  • One dedicated Ethernet WAN port with automatic failover
  • 3x Gigabit Ethernet LAN Ports provide optional wired connectivity
  • Built-in standard-size SIM Card Slot
  • AI-based Mesh capability with compatible AI Wi-Fi devices
  • AI-based Wi-Fi and Traffic Optimiser monitors and improves your network automatically
  • Supports WPA, WPA2, and the latest WPA3 Wi-Fi Security
  • Voice control compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa  

WAN Type :4G LTE|Ethernet
LTE Category :4G LTE Cat 4 - 150 Mbps
Wi-Fi Speed :AX1500 (300 + 1200Mbps)
Wi-Fi Technology :Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)
Ethernet Speed :Gigabit Ethernet
Ethernet Ports :3
WAN Failover :Yes
VoIP :No
Warranty :3-Year Limited Warranty
Dimensions (Size) :198 x 170.14 x 66.21 mm

"It worked terrifically. I enjoyed high cellular connectivity speeds, more than I can get on my NBN FTTN fixed-line and I enjoyed responsive performance and connectivity on all the devices."

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"In our experience, we were able to get some amazing download speeds and no buffering issues at all. Overall, EAGLE PRO AI Series provides faster, more secure and more reliable connectivity."

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