mydlink Smart DIY takes your Smart Home experience to the next level with devices using Zigbee™ technology.
The Smart DIY Security Bundle features a Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Camera with Built-in Smart Home Hub that can trigger amazing automations around your home with the Smart Motion Sensor and Smart Door/Window Sensor.
Works with the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Camera

The DCS-8330LH Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Camera and DCS-8630LH Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Spotlight Camera has a trick up its sleeve - a built-in smart home hub - which allows to you to integrate Zigbee technology into your home without the need to buy or install a standalone hub1.






Smart Motion Sensor

DCH-B122 Smart Motion Sensor triggers an alert or reaction when monitoring a specific area of your home, such as your hallway. Also, they’re wireless for unrestricted placement around your home.


Smart Door/Window Sensor

The DCH-B112 Smart Door/Window Sensor alerts you instantly when one of your home's entry points has been breached.







Zigbee™ Technology
for a Longer Lasting Life

No longer will your home surveillance needs be restricted by Wi-Fi signal, wires, or power consumption.
Zigbee technology allows for broad-based deployment of your Smart DIY devices throughout your home.
Each device is battery powered for ease of placement where ever you wish. Thanks to Zigbee Technology's low power usage, each device’s battery life can last for several years.



No Wi-Fi

No Wires

Low Power



Everything Works Together with mydlink

With mydlink, a super-responsive Smart Home is now within reach. Each mydlink device works seamlessly with one another, allowing you to connect and control your Smart Home with ease. Trigger automations on your other mydlink devices and cameras when a door/window sensor detects a breach from a door being opened to a device being tampered with and receive Rich Notifications direct to your device to check on its status.

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Detect Motion that Matters with AI-based IVA

As if the DCH-B112 Smart Door/Window Sensor and the DCH-B122 Smart Motion Sensor weren’t enough already, the DCS-8330LH Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Camera’s built-in AI-based IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) features set it in a class of its own. Person Detection, Multi-Zone Detection, Boundary-Crossing Detection and Priority Zone settings ensure advanced, intelligent customization of how alerts are triggered for all-round smarter home monitoring.


Person Detection This camera intelligently tells apart a person from a thing. Now you’ll get alerts when a person walks into your room. NOT every time a bug flies into it.
Multi-zone Motion Detection Get an alert when something’s moving around specific areas of interest – like your doors and windows. It’s easy when you can create and customise up to 4 independent motion-detection zones in your camera view.
Boundary-crossing Detection Set a virtual trip-wire and get notified whenever someone crosses the line. Knowing when someone has trespassed on your no-go areas has never been easier.
Priority Zone Know when Spot jumps onto the sofa, or when your baby climbs out of the crib. Priority Zones let you prioritise sensitive areas, so know when something or someone has crossed into or out of the zone.


Supports Alexa and IFTTT

Easily integrates with Amazon Echo’s Alexa or the Google Assistant for convenient hands-free voice control.

Take it to the next level with IFTTT recipes to automate with other smart home compatible devices. Save time, and enjoy a safer, more comfortable home.


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