2.4GHz Outdoor 18dBi High Gain Directional Panel Antenna


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D-Link, an industry leader in networking, introduces the ANT24-1800 18 dBi Directional Panel Antenna designed to provide extended coverage for an existing 802.11b/g wireless network. The directional design of the ANT24-1800 offers dramatically increased wireless signal coverage in a specific direction allowing for improved data throughput at further distances.

The D-Link ANT24-1800 includes a swivel mount that allows pivotal adjustment for precise positioning for the most concentrated signal strength. The D-Link ANT24-1800 also includes a lightning surge protector and a 0.5m (1.5 feet) N-Male to Reverse SMA extension cable, giving you the extra flexibility to reach an optimal setting. The ANT24-1800 is weatherproof and made of corrosion-resistant material to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and wind speeds up to 112 miles/hr (180km/hr).

Avoid the cost and complexity of adding additional wireless access points or wireless repeaters when you can easily use the D-Link 18 dbi antenna indoors or outdoors. Enjoy the benefits of wireless connectivity at greater distances and speeds throughout your indoor or outdoor wireless coverage area.

Cable Included :0.5m Patch cable N Plug to RP-SMA
dBi Rating :18
Frequency :2.4GHz
Horizontal Spread, deg :15
Indoor / Outdoor :Outdoor
Theoretical Max Distance :5km
Type :Directional
Vertical Spread, deg :15
Accessory Type :Antennas
Dimensions (Size) :43 x 43 x 12.2 cm
Warranty :1-Year Limited Warranty

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