Dual Band 2.4GHz & 5GHz 802.11n Triple Polarization 14dBi Gain Outdoor Directional Antenna


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D-Link ANT70-1400N Triple Polarization Dual-Band Directional Antenna is an outdoor antenna for connecting 2.4 or 5GHZ wireless LAN over long distances and connection with high-speed 11n. It has three antenna connectors for transmitting three spatial streams.

Point-to-Point Application
The ANT70-1400N is ideal for operating in modes such as point-to-point WDS and others that require a high gain directional antenna. An example application of this antenna is to extend your local area network (LAN) by connecting LANs at two remote locations. Alternatively, Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) subscribers can also use this antenna to establish a b connection between their host and to their ISP’s outdoor AP.

Weatherproof Design 
The ANT70-1400N features a durable build and a waterproof design which provides complete protection from extreme weather. Furthermore, it is made of corrosion-resistant material, enabling it to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and wind speeds up to 216km/hr and is robust enough to remain outside indefinitely. 

Flexible Deployment
For ready installation, the ANT70-1400N antenna includes a pole mounting kit, which allows it to be placed on a pole for better wireless coverage. It also comes equipped with an indoor adapter cable fitted with N-type and RP-SMA connectors for easy connection to a host. To connect the ANT70-1400N to an outdoor access point adaptors with “N Plug” and “RP N Plug” are required.

Cable Included :3x 0.5m Patch cables N Plug to RP-SMA
dBi Rating :14
Frequency :2.4 and 5 GHz
Horizontal Spread, deg :19
Indoor / Outdoor :Outdoor
Theoretical Max Distance :8km
Type :Directional
Vertical Spread, deg :25
Accessory Type :Antennas
Dimensions (Size) :43 x 43 x 12.2 cm
Warranty :1-Year Limited Warranty

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