Long Range Wi-Fi 5 Wireless Bridge (20km)


  • Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint connection
  • Up to 20km distance
  • 802.11ac wireless technology on 5GHz band
  • Built-in Alignment and Signal Strength LEDs
  • TDMA technology for better performance
  • High power 27 dBm design
  • 23 dBi directional antenna
  • Weather Proof outdoor design (IP66 rated)
  • 8kV surge protection
  • Supports standard IEEE 802.3at PoE

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Business Solutions / Wireless / Long Range Access Points / Long Range Wi-Fi 5 Wireless Bridge (20km)


The DAP-3712 provides reliable, long-distance connectivity between multiple sites such as office branches, construction sites or transportation hubs,
in both rural or busy city areas. Using proven Wi-Fi 5 technology with speeds of up to 867Mbps and it’s easy to install design, the DAP-3712 Long Range Wireless Bridge
from D-Link’s Business Solutions range offers a compelling connectivity solution versus expensive Fibre-based offerings.


night vision
High-Gain Directional Antenna

Fast, stable, and long-range
wireless coverage

TDMA Technology

High speeds and consistent coverage
that filters out interference

Edge base personal detection
IP66 Rated

Water-resistant and dust-tight housing boasts a longer product life

Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint

Distribute connectivity to single or multiple locations wirelessly over
long distances

true full HD
8kV Surge Protection

Your device and network are protected against unexpected surges,
such as lightning

Smart hone hub
High-Speed Wi-Fi

Blazing speeds
of up to 867Mbps

Two way audio
Wi-Fi Security

128-bit personal and enterprise
wireless encryption

PoE Ready

Power over Ethernet makes for a
cleaner installation

Bring Connectivity To Areas With Limited Or No Access To Fixed Internet.

The DAP-3712 features state-of-the-art hardware, including a high-gain 23 dBi directional antennas. This powerful antenna effortlessly extends high-speed coverage to distances of up to 20km away.


Consistent Coverage That Filters Out Interference

The DAP-3712 transmission capability is augmented thanks to its integrated Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA). Everything works more efficiently on a schedule, and the DAP-3712 is no different: TDMA creates a schedule for multiple connected clients to work to. Senders and receivers get their own time slot for transmissions. This eliminates hidden node data collisions, in turn maximising airtime efficiency, significantly cutting down interference and making for a highly scalable solution.


The Power to Withstand Tough Weather

The DAP-3712 Wireless Bridge not only is designed to perform across long ranges, but is designed to perform long-term, braving the elements with an IP66-rated housing, providing both water and dust resistance, along with
8kV surge protection to protect the unit itself from lightning strikes and
power surges.




Designed for Wireless ISPs

Rapid and cost‑effective Internet distribution to get customers connected.

Discreet Deployment that’s Hassle-Free with Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Power sockets can be tricky to come by, especially in outdoor deployments.
The DAP-3712 can be powered via an Ethernet cable up to 100m away from
a PoE-enabled Switch or Power Injector, which is extremely useful as
power sockets can be difficult to come by in ceiling cavities or in outdoor
deployment scenarios.

No need to run extra power lines, no added hassle when configuring your hardwiring, and no more cable clutter.

Simple Installation with Built-in
Signal Strength and Alignment LED's

The DAP-3712 Long Range Wireless Bridge also has you covered with built-in Signal Strength and Alignment LED’s that allow you to easily align the antenna with another over long distances, saving you specialised installation service costs.

Management Options :Standalone
Wi-Fi Bands :Single Band 5 GHz
AP Design :Outdoor|Built-in Antennas|PoE+
Wi-Fi Type :Wireless AC (Wi-Fi 5)
Antenna Type :Built-in
Auto Channel Selection :Yes
Dimensions (Size) :372 x 372 x 241 mm
LAN Interface :1 x Gigabit
Operation Modes :AP|WDS (Site-to-Multisite)|WDS+AP|AP Client
PoE Injector Included :Yes
PoE Standard :PoE+ 802.3at
Security :802.1x|WPA/WPA2-EAP| WPA/WPA2-PSK|MAC filtering
Number of SSIDs :16
Warranty :Limited Lifetime
Indoor or Outdoor :Outdoor
Wi-Fi Configuration :Wi-Fi 5

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