Cloud Networking, Refreshed.

A complete Cloud-based solution for SMBs seeking hassle-free network management.

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Nuclias Cloud is designed for Small-to-Medium business that don't want the hassle of the network's tech side and just want things to work.

Nuclias Cloud is specifically designed to make network management a breeze. All of the management software and hardware are hosted in Nuclias Cloud and accessible from anywhere using your PC, laptop, or mobile phone through the cloud portal or app.

Cloud Network Management With Ease

Nuclias Cloud is designed for businesses who lack in-house IT skills. Network self-healing, airtime fairness, and load balancing minimise complaints and outages. Network expansion is a snap, updates are easy, and management can be entirely outsourced to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) – it’s that simple.

No additional training needed

Hassle-free Management

Unlimited Scalability

Let us be the IT experts, so you can focus on your Business.

With Nuclias Cloud you can manage, monitor and maintain your network without any hassle or down-time. No engineering visits required with zero-touch deployment, meaning Access Points and Switches can be shipped from stock without pre-configuring them.

Scale your network as your Business grows.

Add as many Access Points or Switches as your business needs, thanks to Nuclias Cloud's cost-effective, scalable solution with a pay-as-you-grow subscription model. No large up-front costs and the ability to align your subscription to suit your business requirements.

Small Businesses

A robust and affordable solution for SMB's to future-proof their network.
Keep your business running without worrying about IT.

Cafes and Shops

Manage branches and disperse locations with ease. Real-time analytics help you tailor your customers' Wi-Fi experience.


Create a secure and fast Wi-Fi experience for all your guests throughout all your premises and keep your guests happy.

Schools and Universities

A powerful and secure network to support the evolving digital learning experience, without the need for IT expertise. 

Zero-Touch Deployment with Cloud-Based Management

With Nuclias Cloud, there’s no need to send out an engineer for installation. With Zero-Touch Deployment, all you need to do with a new onsite device is connect it. All configuration can be remotely managed via the Cloud. Firmware upgrade is done over the air. Set up the update schedule on the web portal, and firmware upgrade is carried out for assigned sites and devices, as scheduled.


Everything from profile details to access controls are preconfigured to meet your business’s unique needs.


When your Nuclias Cloud network device is delivered, you can start its installation, immediately.


Simply connect to the Internet, and all your settings are dispatched to your devices via Nuclias Cloud, automatically.

Know Your Business Network, Like Never Before.

Easily manage your network on the go. Get an instant overview of live usage and your network health. Delegate access to your sites. And see maps that show the location of your devices (via Google Maps).

  • Intuitive statistics and reports of network usage across time and locations that enable business insight
  • Customisable portal for brand awareness
  • Take as much or as little interest in your network as you want.

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A Proven, Secure Network & Trusted Platform.

Nuclias offers high-performance Access Points and Smart-managed Switches managed by a centralised cloud-based control,
and deploys over 50,000 cloud-managed networks on a trusted, tier 1 global service platform.

End‑to‑End Encryption

All communications between the Nuclias Cloud server and Nuclias devices are secured through websocket over SSL.

Encrypted Web Communications

Client communication through HTTPS, using OAuth authorisation with a 40 character Access Token.

Role & Privilege‑Based Access Control

Assign different privileges to users within or outside of the organisation to manage and monitor network and guest access.

12 Features That Make Cloud-Managed Networks Easier

Zero-Touch Provisioning
Auditable Changelogs
Multi-tenant Architecture
Authentication via Customisable Captive Portal, 802.1x and RADIUS Server
Social Login Support For Wi-Fi Access 
Advanced Traffic Report and Data Analysis
Multi-layered Network Protection
SD-WAN Security Gateway
Automatic Monitoring and Alerts
Over-the-Web Firmware Upgrades
Searchable Network-wide Event Log
Intuitive VLAN Configuration
Cloud-based RF Optimisation

Nuclias Cloud and Nuclias Connect Comparison


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