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Purposely Designed to Face the Growing Number of Devices and Users

Wi-Fi 6 is purpose-built to deal with the connectivity and interference issues that have emerged as the number of devices skyrocket.

As the network slows down, so does business. Wi-Fi 6 is more than just speed improvements, it handles multiple users and devices better, as well as dramatically improving performance for everyone. It gets your business productivity back to its peak and beyond.

What's New With Wi-Fi 6?




2.4GHz Band


Target Wake Time

BSS Colouring



The Perfect Partner for IoT

OFDMA greatly optimises short packet transmission. Devices need no longer wait their turn, going one by one. Instead, shorter packets can be transmitted in parallel. This greatly reduces contention, in turn cutting down latency and jitter. Handling data this way means overall better performance of your network, giving a big boost to small but latency sensitive traffic such as voice or IoT data.


Wi-Fi 5 802.11ac


Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax


2.4GHz Band Compatibility

A Helping hand for
2.4GHz-Exclusive Devices

Wi-Fi 5 and all of its features are only available in the 5GHz band.
This meant many low-power IoT devices such as Sensors that were only compatible with the 2.4GHz band missed out.

However, Wi-Fi 6 now enhances the 2.4GHz band, empowering IoT devices
with low latency and higher capacity for even more simultaneously connected devices.



1024-QAM: The Capacity Booster

To future facilitate massive amounts of data transfer on the wireless network, Wi-Fi 6 uses 1024 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (1024 QAM), an improvement from the previous Wi-Fi 5 modulation scheme (256 QAM), to add another 2 bits of data per symbol transmitted (total of 10 bits), enabling Wi-Fi 6 to ensure high Quality of Service (QoS) for high-traffic venues such as sport areas, train stations, and convention centres. That’s an impressive 25% increase in data rate throughput.


Target Wake Time (TWT)

A Win-Win Situation:
Enhanced Battery Life and Less Interference

Previously, data transfer was a free-for-all, with all devices fighting to transmit at the same time.
TWT now organises time slots for devices, only transmitting when it is their time. Devices can stay in sleep mode while not transmitting, saving power and even enhancing battery life. In device-dense deployments, contention is also significantly reduced, for better all round performance.

Contention - Based Access

Wi-Fi 5 802.11ac

Schedule - Based Access

Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax


BSS Colouring

BSS (Basic Service Set) Colouring

Wi-Fi 6 has the capacity to serve highly-populated wireless networks transmitting large amounts of data, which means
Access Points will likely be placed in closer proximity than ever before to ensure quality of service for users.
BSS resolves signal interference and network latency caused by overlaps between Access Points of different
wireless networks.


More Wi-Fi Congestion

Wi-Fi 5 802.11ac


Reduced Wi-Fi Congestion

Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax

Where Wi-Fi 6 Fits In

Preparing the Smart Classroom of Tomorrow-

As students in the world get a learning experience upgrade, so does the demand on Wi-Fi increase. Educational video streaming, as well as eLearning and collaboration applications can really push the school’s network to the limit. But with Wi-Fi 6, it can provide higher density and speed to support students.

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A Busy Office+
An IoT Enabled Smart Factory+

Wi-Fi 6 in numbers


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High-powered APs that are ready to bring the power of Wi-Fi 6 straight to your business.


On-Premise Managed APs for SMBs


DAP-X2850 Nuclias Connect
AX3600 PoE Access Point

Cloud Managed APs for SMBs


Nuclias Cloud-Managed
AX1800 PoE Access Point

Nuclias Cloud-Managed
AX3600 PoE Access Point

On-Premise Managed APs for Enterprises


AX3600 PoE Access Point

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