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Built-in McAfee Protection

Built-in McAfee Protection

Voice Control

Voice Control

Wi-Fi Mesh

Wi-Fi Mesh

Dual-Core Processor

Dual-Core Processor

Auto Update

Auto Update

Test Internet Speed

Test Internet Speed

wi fi mesh

Eliminate your pesky dead zones permanently and get truly seamless home networks with less Wi-Fi disruption.

Built-in McAfee Protection
Mix & Match

Combine D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh Routers and Extenders to best fit your network needs.

Built-in McAfee Protection
Auto Healing

Got a failed node? Wi-Fi Mesh automatically establishes an alternative path to the Mesh Router.

Built-in McAfee Protection
Auto Configuration

Mesh nodes automatically know their role in the Mesh network.

Built-in McAfee Protection
Seamless Network

Automatically connect to the strongest signal as you move around your home.

Built-in McAfee Protection
Auto Optimisation

Mesh nodes automatically find the shortest (and fastest) path to the Mesh Router.

Built-in McAfee Protection
Auto Channeling

Wi-Fi Mesh nodes automatically and dynamically select the channel with least interference and overlap.

Built-in McAfee Protection

Grow your Mesh Wi-Fi painlessly. Just add on D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh Routers and Extenders wherever you need more Wi-Fi.

Built-in McAfee Protection
Dynamic Network Assistant

See your Mesh network's weak spots clearly in real time.




Unleash Your Mesh with Wi-Fi Mesh

Get a ton of advanced features that turbocharge your whole home network with Wi-Fi Mesh. With Mix and Match functionality, Auto Healing, Auto Channeling, Auto Configuration, Auto Optimisation, and a Network Assistant Map, you’ll finally achieve a truly seamless network at home that scales to your needs. It’s mesh Wi-Fi that works for you.
On your terms. Automatically.

wi fi mesh



Wi-Fi Mesh vs Regular Router + Extenders


Think a conventional Router + Extenders combo will fix all your Wi-Fi problems?

Think Again…

Wi-Fi Mesh

Router + Extenders
Stubborn Wi-Fi Deadspots
Move around your home and get stronger signals with Advanced Roaming
Signals may get weaker as you move around your home
Optimizing is Confusing
Dynamic Network Assistant View: see network weak spots
Optimizing takes hours of fruitless guesswork
Painful Setup & Configuration
Automatically forms and configures all mesh devices at one go
Spend hours configuring every device individually
Unreliable Connections
Self-heals your mesh automatically
Killed connections stay down till you fix them
Confusing SSIDs
One SSID keeps things simple
Multiple SSIDs make things complicated
wi fi mesh


EXO Routers come with built-in McAfee protection, so you can protect your family’s online privacy against the growing onslaught of sophisticated cyberthreats, 24/7.




With EXO Mesh-enabled Smart Wi-Fi Routers you don’t just get a handful of parental controls.
You get a system of comprehensive controls that turn into a way of life with less complaining and more compliance.
You’re not enforcing the rules. It's the system that enforces them.

wi fi mesh

Malicious Site Blocking

Check every connection to the Internet from every device, and block connections to bad websites-before your network is compromised.

wi fi mesh

Hide your Devices from Hackers

Advanced network controls let you secure your Router and protect all connected devices from outside network access.

wi fi mesh

Away Mode

Prevent selected devices on your network from connecting to the Internet while you are away from home.

wi fi mesh

IoT Anomaly and Botnet Detection

Detect abnormal Internet of Things (IoT) device behaviour, find anomalies in real time, and block suspicious connections.

EXO Works with the Google Assistant1 and Alexa

Whether you want to turn on/off your guest Wi-Fi network, check your network for vulnerabilities,
or block unwanted devices, Exo lets you do it all, hands-free.


Need fast Wi-Fi for your no-cable-all-streaming home?
EXO Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Routers pack a powerful dual-core processer to handle buffer-free video streaming and lightning-fast gaming with ease.

And with a range of wireless speeds from AC1300 to AC3000Mbps, there’s an EXO router to fit any home networking need, at any budget.


Tired of internet speeds that don’t live up to your ISP’s claims?
EXO Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Routers’ integrated Internet test lets you measure the true speed of your Router-to-ISP connection with the D-Link Wi-Fi app.




Firmware upgrades can be a pain, but with EXO Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Routers, they are completely automated. Updates are so smooth, you won’t even notice them. EXO routers keep you updated with the best protection and latest features for compatibility with the Google Assistant and Alexa.


Firmware upgrades can be a pain, but with EXO’s dual image functionality, a recovery image is saved as a backup before an upgrade. So in the unlikely event an upgrade fails, the system has your pre-existing version of the configuration to fall back on. Get reliable, uninterrupted Wi-Fi all the time.



Using the D-Link Wi-Fi app’s intuitive interface and step-by-step instructions, setting up your EXO is a breeze.

D-Link Wi-Fi


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