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Covr your Whole Home in Seamless Wi‑Fi

Covr gives you access to the Internet with high‑speed, seamless and reliable blanket coverage in every inch of every room of your home, meaning you can move from room‑to‑room without ever losing connection.


Bye‑bye, buffering

Enjoy voice and video calls without cut outs, stream 4K movies without any buffering, download files, livestream gaming adventures, and share beautiful photos, all at once.


No crowds

Covr's Smart Steering technology delivers your fastest, least congested band speeds to you so you can load websites in a snap wherever you are.


Seamless connection

Covr's Smart Roaming technology enables your devices to stay automatically connected to the nearest Covr Point in your home, while Covr Points work together as one network.


Covr ‑ Seamless
Whole Home Wi‑Fi

Unlike traditional Wi-Fi Extenders, Covr uses Smart Roaming technology to eliminate Wi-Fi blackspots by creating one seamless network and automatically connect you to the strongest signal as you move through your home.


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